September 26, 2008


September 14, 2008

Down to one, but NEVER alone.

Gregory, Josh, and Shelly. Those are the 3 that have been living with me for the past well lets just say years, besides my mom and dad. :) ...Gregory the Real "we've got the same blood" brother who I've lived with my whole life... Josh the Best Friend Brother who has been living with us since i don't know seems like forever... And Shelly the Sister from another mother who i can love and hate at the same time, who has lived with us for awhile now. Those 3 have decided to fly the coup. Gregory Flew on out to Hawaii to pursue a Job with the government. Josh Flew on out to Idaho to become a potato farmer, no I'm kidding, he's going to Boise State University, but that would be funny. haha. And Shelly flew on up to the Utah to get her MRS. haha, we hope, But she's also going to school at Utah Valley University. So here i am, little Ole Andrea, already done with her schooling, and may I add the first college graduate out of the 4 of us, living in murrieta with the parents. Dont get me wrong i love living with my mom and dad they are radical! But as we dropped off the brother at the airport, I was feeling a little down. I've never been the only child before! What was i going to do??? My title says, down to one, but never alone, Its so true. Ever since the 3 flew the coupe i haven't been "alone". Thankfully I have my 2 best friends always around to keep me company, and when they're not, I'm at work or sleeping. Also i know I'm never "alone" in my house because i do have a wonderful family and that's why we get these "stray dogs" coming over all the time. They Love us. I don't mean that in like a bragging prideful way but in a humble one. They love us and I love them, I love them because they keep me company and love me for me. That's why in my house you're never alone.

September 10, 2008

Contributing to Society.

So I got my cosmetology license May 30, 2008, and basically have been sitting on my booty ever since. The summer is pretty much over and my vacation time has pretty much come to an end, so its about time i got a job. This would be my first job in my life, well besides going to work with my dad, but that doesn't count. I started a job at a salon called Belleza in Murrieta. I pretty much was scared crap less my first day. I was afraid to cut hair, answer the phone, and let down the boss. I was incredibly scared, but as the days went by I got a little bit more confident. I now answer phones and cut anybody who wants their hair done. I now have gained more confidence with the work i have done. And I am proud to say that I am contributing to society. So if anybody wants their hair done give me a call and i would love to do your hair. I work wednesdays and saturdays so far and love new clients. :)