October 30, 2008

Questions... Concerns....?

What are your questions about prop 8? Here is a link that might help answer your questions or you may find some people with the same questions as you.


October 28, 2008

bigot.. huh?

Bigot- One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

My question is what makes me a bigot and not you?

I have my beliefs about my religion and you have your beliefs about yours. What makes you not a bigot? Because you are more open to homosexuals getting married? You don't want to respect my beliefs, why should i respect yours? So what makes us different? I've been told that I'm forcing my opinion on people for 'voicing' my beliefs, Why should i feel bad when you're doing the exact same thing? I am tired of people calling me a bigot or my religion a bigot, take a look at yourself maybe you're the bigot.

I am Andrea Dowden and I am voting Yes on Proposition 8 to Protect the Marriage. My beliefs will not be persuaded, no matter how hard the adversary tries. I would lay my life down for my Family, which includes a Mother and Father. I am voting Yes because it's what i want to do, not because my religious beliefs have led me to vote yes. I am Mormon, which is Christian. I believe in heavenly father and Jesus Christ. I know for a fact that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet on the earth today and he is the mouthpiece for the lord. I know that if President Monson has come out and told us how to vote, we should. I know that this is a trial that we are going to fight forever and i am ready. Bring it on.

October 22, 2008

its... hard.

I am trying really hard to accept people even when i don't like them. But they're not making it easy at all. I wonder if other people know what I'm talking about or feel the way i do. It's hard to be nice when all you want to do is be meaner. Its hard to ignore when they're always in your face. Its hard to be the bigger person when they are always calling you names and putting not only you down but your beliefs down. Its hard not to call them out when they are being hypocritical. Its hard to keep friendships with people who treat you like scum. Its hard to watch people tear you apart. Its hard to obey. It's hard to be nice to them. It's hard to keep your anger under control. Its hard not to fight. Its hard to not to do the things they are doing right back. Its hard to understand them. Its hard to feel sorry for them. Its hard to love them. Its hard to call them your friend. Its hard to not attack them like they've done to me. Its hard to respond to them when your voice doesn't matter. Its hard not to tell them they're gonna regret this. Its hard to love the sinner and hate the sin. Its hard.... but i am trying. hard.

October 16, 2008

My Family is Forever...

My family is the best family in the world. I have the greatest mom on earth, the greatest dad on earth, the greatest brother on earth, and even the greatest dog on earth. I'm not even kidding.

My dad is the most kind, gentle, loving person that I have ever met. I am so blessed to have him as my father. He is not only my pop, but he is my best friend. We have a lot in common. In fact I am the one who everyone says looks like him, which to me should be the other way around. haha. But my dad has beautiful thick blond hair, as do I, he has a great passion for the UCLA Bruins, I'm his buddy when it comes to that. My dad is completely anal about keeping things clean, which i am not, but he is especially anal about keeping his boat nice and clean, and that is the only thing that i am anal about. He is the more laid back let the others talk and get their feelings out but I'll put my two cents in kind of guy, as am I. My dad loves to tease and kid around and make people laugh, which I also think is a talent I have. When other teenagers were embarrassed to be around their parents, I was the one going to the movies with them and hanging out with them. I didn't care what others thought, which brings me to my mother...

My mom has always been the type to not care about what others think or say about her, a trait that i have been working on. She is known as the funky one in the family, or until I came along. She used to have the funky hair styles and now i have them and I can't get her to change her hair at all. She has always been the "smart" one, and what i mean is, she always knows whats going to happen before it does. She rationalizes things, she makes you think and she can give a mean guilt trip. But no matter what, She is the best mom a girl can have. She is so knowledgeable about everything, maybe except when it comes to the remote but, she has more courage than anyone i know, and she is so beautiful on the inside and out. She is the type of woman that i can only hope and wish i can become. She is the rock in my life, besides Christ, and my inspiration. She is my other half, my light, my best friend and she is an incredible role model, which brings me to my brother....

When i was a younger child i always wanted to be just like my big brother, who am i kidding i still want to be like my big brother. haha. But when i was really little i can remember always asking my dad to comb my hair just like Gregory's when i had gotten out of the tub. I can remember the couple times he had run away and i was devastated. I can remember always wanting to be around my cool older brother when he was in high school. Now that we are older he actually likes to hang out with me. Which makes me incredibly happy, because all my life i had just wanted to hang out with my brother, and now he wants to. I mean he wasn't that bad of a brother, we just didn't get along. But i can remember some of the good times when we had gotten along. Like when we were real young he would play barbies with me and i loved it. Another time, we had bonded at a really really boring family reunion up in northern Utah, we actually had fun together. Time has gone by and my big bro is gone and living in Hawaii and i love to talk to him on the phone, he may not call at the best times but i do love talking to him. I still want to be like my big brother, but now in different ways. He is very knowledgeable, like my mom, he stands up for what he believes in, which i am staring to do, (vote yes on prop 8) hehe... but really..... He is funny and loving and social which are things i am trying to get better at, and he is opinionated. His opinion may get me heated some times, but i admire his opinions and his willingness to express them. My brother is great, and i love that we have become such good friends and i cant wait until he comes home so we can enjoy more fun times together.

Nick the Dog, what can i say he is a dog. We may not get along all the time, but i still love him. This might sound weird to other people but Nick is like a human in our family. He is loved just as much as me and my brother are. Nick is a very obedient dog, but we definitely have a brother sister relationship, he never listens to me. Sometimes i imagine him talking crap on me or thinking that he doesn't have to listen to me because I'm not the mom or the dad. ha. I'm the one who feeds him! I could starve him! ha. But i wouldn't because I love him, even though he can be a pain sometimes.
Family is an extremely important thing. I am so blessed and grateful to have a mom and dad who love me and have raised me with such high standards and morals. They are truly wonderful and loving and they are just perfect for me. I know that i made the right decision when we were picking families in heaven!