January 13, 2009

Brothers and Sisters...

I Have 3, now 4 Brothers... Gregory, Josh, Frank, and now Chris. I have 4 sisters... Shelly, Sabrina, Brooke, and Mandi. We are FAMILY. We may not all be Blood related, but we are family. And my family keeps growing everyday. I always Knew there were supposed to be more than just me and my brother, and now i have LOTS of brothers and sisters, whom i love like they were my own flesh and blood. I also know that my parents Love them too, and would do A LOT for them.

Gregory is my blood brother, i've grown up with him and i love him. We didn't always get along but now we are real good friends. Considering thats all i wanted to be growing up, his friend.

Joshua is my brothers best friend. He is one of my best friends too. We have a lot in common. He is a good person and a wonderful helper. He has been with us since his high school years and will be with us forever.

Shelly is the big sister i never had. She lived with us for like 6 months all together. We became really close. Close enough for us to fight like sisters. I love her and i lover her new husband Chris. Who is a brilliant guy and treats shelly so amazing! I can't wait to be an aunti some time!

Sabrina is a great person to talk to. She always listens to you and is concerned with you. She is an amazing sister. She is the one who you do not want to get in a fight with, she can be brutal. but we love her. She has been with us since her baptism.

Franklin is my twin. haha. Not really. Frank we have had for almost a year now. He and Sabrina are getting married some time soon. Frank is a great person, and loves and cares for everyone. He is so loveable and hugable.

Brooke is my Best Friend, and my Sister. She is so strong and beauiful. She is tendarhearted and loving. She has opened her bubble to us about a year ago. She will always be a great friend and companion for someone. I love her.

Mandi is my Other Best friend. She is my partner in crime. She is funny and airheaded a little. But that is why we love her. She is not afraid to ask a question even if it is so stupid. She is awesome. I love that beautiful girl.

As for me. I am greatful. Greatful for friendships, family, and memories. People can change your life. These are the people who have changed my life.