February 26, 2009


Today i happened to be skimming through the channels on the TV, and saw that Click was on. Lucky for me i turned it on at my favorite part. It's the part in the movie that makes me cry. Its when Adam Sandler is older and runs his own company and his son works for him and his father comes in and tries to persuade him to come to some event. The father tries to convince him to come by showing him how he does a quarter trick. Adam Sandler blows up at him and tells him he knows how to do that trick! Adam makes his father upset, but all his father says is i love you son, and leaves crying.... this part always gets to me. I hate seeing elderly people cry. But what i get from this is that no matter what you do or how you live your life your parents are always going to love you. and you should always love them too.... if you haven't seen the movie click, i would. its pretty good.. especially that part.

February 6, 2009

Show me those Pearly Whites... :)

A Smile can Brighten up someones day.

Sometimes you have to fake a smile...

And Sometimes you have to make yourself laugh....

Sometimes you just need to make a funny face!!!

But in the end... smiling is the best. :)