September 21, 2009

such a pain.

SO about 2 months ago, exactly, i hurt my back. It happened to be while we were celebrating my 21st birthday at the dog house. Tubing was my all time favorite activity this season. It was so much fun. We would do tube wars, wear Nacho Libre Masks, Jump the wake, and see how much air we could get. I happened to be one of the braver girls, pride, it's my down fall, and decided if the boys could do it so could I. I got some massive air. I cleared that wake Many of times. I was so good at staying on the tube it was scary. So that just made the driver, my dad or Gregory, just want to get me off even more. Well I crashed, and i crashed hard. I wasn't in any pain really. I just knew it was time to stop for the day. It wasn't until about 2 days later that i felt the pain, and it hurt, hurt bad!!! My Leg was in so much pain it wasn't funny. My lower back, at the time i thought it was my butt, was unbearable. I had Sharp pains, I couldn't stand on my leg for more than five minutes without it going numb and tingling and have sharp shooting pains down it. I couldn't sit, stand, sleep, I was in pain. We just thought that it needed rest, ice and heat would make it go away they said. Everyone thought it was my sciatic nerve. I got a massage from our friend Ana Aiono, yeah i just got bruised... not her fault by the way she was amazing. After awhile I got used to the pain. I even deiced to ride on the tube again, it was calling my name. It was hurting on the tube but i was having so much fun i didn't want to stop. After that the pain changed. I could stand longer on my leg, it didn't have too much of a sharp shooting pain down it. I was getting used to it. But it still hurt really bad. So my family and i decided to go to the doctor. I went to my family doctor who told me to go to a chiropractor or a physical Therapist. So i went to the Chiropractor. Not a good Choice. I was told i had all these problems and that he may be able to fix it if i came to him for 40 more times and spend $2300 dollars. No Thank you. My family decided if its that bad i need to go see a specialist. I am now going to a back specialist out in orange, and i am finally getting answers. I went and i am finally getting answers. I got an MRI last Monday and I'm waiting for the results. He told me That i May have a herniated Disc in my back and that i have a fracture on my vertebra. Those are some serious things my friends. I am currently going to physical therapy until i go back to orange next month. Hopefully things will get better and my pain will go away, because having pain, any kind of pain, is such a PAIN!!!