September 13, 2010

#032. Fight for a Cause I Believe In...

I voted Yes On 8.. I believe MARRIAGE should be between a man and a woman. I fought for a cause i believed in, and campaigned for the YES ON 8 campaign..

July 29, 2010

#034. Go To a Rock Concert

I finally went to my first rock concert.. I went and saw NEON TREES perform at The Glass House in Pomona California, last night... It was Amazing! If you haven't listened to their album HABITS already, you should! Tyler, Chris, Elaine, and Brandon rocked the stage last night!! I'm definitely going to another one! I got a shirt too to wear to my next concert!! :)

July 20, 2010

#088. Grow a Mullet

I've been telling everyone for the past couple of months, that i was going to grow a mullet... No one believed me.. Everyone said it would look ugly.. Well everyone you were wrong.. It's a hot hot she-mullet!! :)

Mullet Power!!! Hahaha.

July 18, 2010

Bucket list

Okay so a friend of mine had a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died, and I thought that was the coolest idea, so here it goes.. My Bucket List...

100. Fly an Airplane
099. Go to Ireland
098. Meet the whole entire Lakers team
097. Sit courtside seating at a Lakers/Celtics game
096. Have a clientell of over 200 persons
095. Learn another Language
094. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
093. Travel the United States on Motorcycle
092. Go to Spain
091. Ride in an Ambulance
090. Own my own salon
089. Do a famous Persons hair
088. Grow a Mullet
087. Bring an old trend back into Style
086. Go snorkeling
085. Meet a Hoarder
084. Help out at a daycare center for two weeks
083. Donate a substantial amount of money to a charity
082. Pay for a strangers College Tuition
081. Adopt a baby
080. Have a natural birth
079. Have a drugged up birth haha!
078. Volunteer at a homeless shelter for a year
077. Be in time square for new years
076. Give a meal to a homeless person I see on the street
075. Buy a house with my husband
074. Raise my children in the gospel
073. Get married to a wonderful man
072. Go through the temple
071. Go on a mission with my husband
070. Audition for American Idol
069. Try sushi
068. Keep my room clean for a month
067. Go to the Olympics
066. Meet Pau Gasol
065. Give a struggling family a Christmas
064. Teach at a cosmetology school
063. Work as a platform artist at a hairshow
062. Help out with a presidential election
061. Have LASIK eye surgery
060. Go to NYC
059. Get good at snowboarding
058. Learn how to surf
057. Write a Love letter
056. Serve on a jury for a major crime
055. Go on a cruise
054. Write in a journal everyday for over a year
053. Learn to tie a tie
052. Give blood
051. Go a month without eating out
050. Be in two places at once
049. See a broadway musical
048. Go to the Opera
047. Read a new book every month for 12 months straight
046. Learn how to sew
045. Learn how to breakdance
044. Buy my own car
043. Grow my hair long enough to donate to locks of love
042. Go to Lake Powell again
041. Go to my first 3 high school reunions
040. Wear high heels every week to church for 3 months
039. Go two months without eating meat
038. Go six months without soda
037. Start the wave at a baseball game
036. Save someones life
035. Help a stranger with their grocerys
036. Learn how to make flower arrangements
035. Go sailing
034. Go to a rock concert
033. Go to a foreign country and teach English
032. Fight for a cause I believe in
031. Own my own boat
030. Have my own little piece of heaven on earth
029. Become a teacher
028. Move into a condo with my girl friends
027. Punch a girl in the face
026. Pay for the person behind me's Meal at a fast food resturant
025. Do my laundry at a laundry mat
024. Get sealed in the temple
023. Read the scriptures from cover to cover
022. Learn a musical instrument
021. Sing a song in front of a crowd of people..
020. Learn to drive the boat
019. Go to the movies for an entire day
018. Ride in a Taxi Cab
017. Move to Utah.. But then move back to California :P
016. Tattoo design in someones hair
015. Paint a picture and sell it
014. Have my own sandwich shop
013. Ride on a train
012. Drive a race car
011. Shake hands with the prophet
010. Shave my head
009. Steal a boys heart
008. Participate in the relay for life
007. Sit with a stranger and eat dinner with them
006. Go skydiving
005. Go white water rafting
004. Purchase a French Bulldog
003. Go to the Bahamas
002. Learn to cook thanksgiving dinner
001. Become friends with a Midget :)

June 10, 2010

The Wedding :)

On Saturday June 5, 2010, my best friend Brooke Ann Sosnowski, became Brooke Ridley.. She married the man of our dreams.. I mean her dreams, and another one of my best friends, Ryan Kevin Ridley, in the San Diego Temple, for Time
And all Eternity.. I couldn't be happier for the two!! I told Ryan that when he marries Brooke, that he was marrying me too.. It's a 2 for 1 package deal, where she goes i go.. So I guess i'm married too now!! Haha.. But seriously, they are the most beautiful couple I've seen! I love them so much and I am thankful that they included me in their wedding. :) they truely are best friends.. Ryan and I had nick names for eachother I called him my bffbf, best friend forever boy friend, now I call him my bfffh, best friend forever forever husband.. :)
Congratulations Ryan and Brooke Ridley!!! I Love You Two!!! :)

Best Friends Forever!!

April 18, 2010

Fashion Alert....

The New Thing... Everybody's doing it! check it out...
Only Kings Have Rings

Get yours today at The Forest Lab. I got mine Today!

January 22, 2010

There better be a freakin pot of gold at the end....


That is my Salon. Right above my head, The Roof Collapsed. Come on Now rain, that wasn't nice... The other 2 are of Perris, CA. Bummer for them...