June 10, 2010

The Wedding :)

On Saturday June 5, 2010, my best friend Brooke Ann Sosnowski, became Brooke Ridley.. She married the man of our dreams.. I mean her dreams, and another one of my best friends, Ryan Kevin Ridley, in the San Diego Temple, for Time
And all Eternity.. I couldn't be happier for the two!! I told Ryan that when he marries Brooke, that he was marrying me too.. It's a 2 for 1 package deal, where she goes i go.. So I guess i'm married too now!! Haha.. But seriously, they are the most beautiful couple I've seen! I love them so much and I am thankful that they included me in their wedding. :) they truely are best friends.. Ryan and I had nick names for eachother I called him my bffbf, best friend forever boy friend, now I call him my bfffh, best friend forever forever husband.. :)
Congratulations Ryan and Brooke Ridley!!! I Love You Two!!! :)

Best Friends Forever!!