July 5, 2013

Love and Affection

So my problem lately is I haven't been receiving the affection that I want and need from my man... We literally haven't kissed for almost a month and a half! What the hell.. I'm sorry, but I like to kiss. I like to be affectionate, I like being loving, and he wants to give me that, but its so hard for him he says. He's trying to be a good boy, which I totally get and appreciate, but not even a kiss?! He doesn't hold my hand, he doesn't tickle and tease me like he used to... And at first I kept thinking ok, this wont last long. But....it has. It drives me nuts. I hate it. I just want to cuddle and hug and give kisses and be ourselves again. He used to do that with me all the time!!! I don't know what happened?!! I keep thinking it will change when he makes his decision, but thats taking forever also. I'm going insane!!! I told him this weekend I wanted to cuddle, that he never cuddles with me. I said you're not affectionate with me anymore and he totally was like yes I am, I've touched you. And in reality, and little rub on the arm doesn't count. I think what makes me go even crazier is that I keep wondering if he is the same way with the other girl? Or is he affectionate with her? I hope he isn't. I love this man, and I just want to kiss him and cuddle him and love him.... That's not a lot to ask for?!? 

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